About the Artist

Murals and Live Painting

Equally at home in the studio or out in the field, I enjoy getting my hands dirty with traditional media. I primarily use acrylic and aerosol paint for my finished work. I have been live painting at music festivals since 2013 and have been a featured artists at events internationally and all across the country. I love doing murals and large scale public art projects. Watch me paint a landscape here.

Augmented Reality Mobile App

In 2018 I developed an Aumented Reality mobile app. The app uses image recognition software to recognize my paintings, then it overlays custom 3D animations that I have created specifically to match each piece of artwork. As you walk around and view the artwork from different angles, you can see the corresponding 3D animation play interactivly from the same veiwing angle. Check out the AR app here.

Visuals & Projection Mapping

I have created hours worth of 3D fractal animations and other video content that I use for projects such as live visuals and projection mapping for musicians and events. Watch my projection mapping here. I have even created custom projection mapped art installation that are site specifc for festivals and events. Watch one of my installations here.

Founder of Fractal Spirit

Fractal Spirit is an apparel company and artist collective that I created as a platform to share artwork and create merchandise for fellow artists. I design and release all of my own merchandise and clothing through Fractal Spirit as well as helping other artists, musicians and organizations with their merchandise as well. Visit the Fractal Spirit website here.


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Artist Statement

Drawing inspiration from the earth and our natural environment, my work has been influenced by all aspects of this multifaceted life. From the academic disciplines of mathematics, science, and philosophy to the fantastical whimsy of the imagination, my work has been informed by my life’s journey and my heart's intuition. I find myself using art as a means of intimately reconnecting with my most transcendental experiences and relating them to others. Recently I have been using art as a means of expressing deeply personal experiences that I cannot convey in words alone. I have found incredible joy in trying to take the purely experiential or conceptual and re-writing it into a new visual vernacular. Mine is just one perspective out of the vast ocean of humanity's infinite potential.


Drake Arnold is an artist working in both traditional and digital media. He uses acrylic and aerosol for his work when painting on canvas or mural wall. His digital projects include creating animations and interactive design work for such applications as projection mapping, 3d printing and virtual reality. His work can be described as often containing elements of psychedelia, fantasy, nature, surrealism, and classical inspiration.

Drake studied music composition at College of Central Florida in Ocala, Florida, where he was also born and raised. He later went on to get his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art from the University of Tampa. Upon graduation, he worked in Tampa as a motion graphics designer creating interactive corporate training modules for fortune 500 companies. He moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2012, where he eventually began working full-time as an artist. He worked as a glass blower for a few years and began traveling to ‘live paint’ at music festivals and events all across the country, always stopping to visit the national parks and see the natural beauty of the country along the way.

At the end of 2016, Drake re-branded his apparel and merchandise business from “Drake Arnold Art” to “Fractal Spirit”. In 2017 he then moved back to Florida to be closer to his family and to focus on building up his new company. In 2018 He created an augmented reality mobile app for his artwork and merchandise that allows people to view his art as a 3D animated, interactive experience. On an average day, he spends his time running the business side of Fractal Spirit and working on new art projects. He lives with his girlfriend Rae in the swamplands of North Central Florida.